1. Polluted air is drawn into the top leaf cover.
  2. Air contaminants, odour, bacteria, fungi and pollutants are eliminated by a powerful high-speed motor rotating at 2500 rpm.
  3. Treated air comes back fresh with a revitalised aromatherapy fragrance.
  4. Kitz® Botanical Solutions dissolved in cold tap water.
  5. LED light base with 7 colours.


  1. Remove the top leaf cover.
  2. Fill the bowl with cold tap water until the water level is between the “minimum” and “maximum” lines.
  3. Add the recommended amount of Kitz® Botanical Solutions (10-15 drops of the solution).
  4. Replace leaf cover and place on the LED light base.
  5. Plug in and switch on.
  6. No need to replace filters.
  7. Replace the contents of the bowl with fresh cold tap water and Kitz® Botanical Solutions every 2-3 days.



 *Bacterial growth from prolonged use and not cleaning the funnel regularly*

  1. Unplug the unit at the power point.
  2. Take the leaf top off the bowl.
  3. Tilt the leaf top on its side and hold the base of the funnel with one hand. Remove the funnel by turning it “anti-clockwise” with the other hand.
  4. Clean the inside of the funnel twice a month with a small brush and cold water to maintain hygiene. Be careful not to lose the small silencer cap on the end of the funnel.
  5. Clip the funnel back onto the base by turning it “clockwise”.
  6. Clean the bowl regularly with cold water.
  7. Fill the bowl with fresh cold tap water and add your choice of Kitz® Botanical Solutions.
  8. Put the leaf top back on the bowl.
  9. Plug in at the power point. ENJOY!